Kaleidoscopic Utah and thoughts on solo travel


 Arches – pretty but crowded. Besides being a beautiful course, a major reason I wanted to run the St George Marathon was so I could work in some parks before and after. Over the years, I’ve visited many of Utah’s phenomenal vistas, but I still wanted to cross off a few “biggies” from my wish list. The ironic thing about Utah is that you are never done; its crayon-box landscapes and special, secret places leave you hungry for more. Now, I want to return, stay in one area and do some serious, focused hikes. On traveling solo I made this road trip alone […]

Paris running routes and French running terms

Paris running routes

Even I can’t believe I’ve been visiting Paris pretty regularly for 35 years now. Over the years, I’ve explored some fantastic running routes in the City of Light and wanted to share them with you in this slightly overdue post. You can bookmark it if you are traveling to France for work or vacation and want to plan some runs.

Race review: Paris Pour Elles (aka, How do you say “face plant” in French?)

Paris Pour Elles 10K

As part of my working vacation in Paris, I thought it would be fun to run a race in in the City of Light. Races are few and far in-between in France, so I had to go with what was available. I registered for a women’s only 10K called “Paris Pour Elles” (Paris for Her).

One of the funny things about signing up to race in France is that you need a doctor’s note confirming you are fit to run. In the US, you just sign a waiver, basically saying if you die, it’s your own damn fault.

This was truly a race scheduled for “fun.” My season was finished. I had met and exceeded my goals beyond my wildest expectations in my goal races – PRing in every distance I raced this spring and best of all, coming in 4th in my age group in the wildly competitive Broad Street Run. I even won a 5K!

So I was tired. My body was creaky and my legs felt anything but fresh. All the signs that I should slow down were there. Even my coach directly told me to back off.

But I didn’t. *rolls eyes* …

Rest day: Random Paris observations

Random Paris Observations

With respect to running, after about a week in Paris, my body started to scream “oncle!” At the end of the spring season when my body was already beaten up, putting in running mileage plus 3-5 solid hours of walking each day was proving to be too much. Toss in a helping of serious jet lag and it added up to accumulated fatigue. My gastroc started to light up, plus my hamstrings felt like they were housing bowling balls, and I just felt sizzled.

Soon fall marathon training will begin. Keeping my eyes on the future, I need to back off on the running now so my body can heal. It is a bit of a bummer because I love running on vacation, especially in Paris where there are so many beautiful routes and vistas. But at the same time, it’s also nice thing because it gives me a hall pass to slack off for a bit. Since I take very good care of myself in terms of exercise and nutrition, many signs have indicated that it’s time to spend time in the City of Light nurturing my soul.

Perfect segue for a “rest day” post – a post that really has nothing to do with running….

Running while traveling – Bonjour from Paris!

Bonjour from Paris! 

Sorry for my absence but it’s been a crazy week. I arrived here last Tuesday morning. I’m apartment- and cat-sitting for my friend, who is a translator, while she visits her family in the US. It’s fun living in Elisabeth’s apartment and exploring her neighborhood – the 17th arrondissement, aka Batignolles. Trying on Elisabeth’s expatriate freelance life and living in a different neighborhood is intriguing. I could get used to this, especially since I work from home and via technology. In fact, I already am used to it….

Some people like to take a vacation from running and exercise while they vacation, which is certainly understandable, but it’s not for me. I’m not doing my strength work, core or yoga here, but I skipped only one scheduled run yesterday, because my gastroc was lit up. Otherwise, I have been happily running in Paris, exploring new vistas and routes. (Watch for my upcoming Paris running route post.)…

Iceland: running, rainbows and revelations


I’m just back from 8 days in Iceland. I’m just back from 8 days in

I’m just back from 8 days in Iceland. Words are not sufficient to describe the incredible amount of natural majesty and wonder crammed into a country roughly the size of Ohio. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, this post contains lots of them.