RuNNING Photos by my friend Stephanie, at Catt and Company
RuNNING Photos by my friend Stephanie, at Catt and Company

I started running seriously at age 45

I’m Dynise, and I’m addicted to running. I’m a USATF Level 1 Certified running coach. I’m also 52, which makes me a masters runner, hence the name of this blog. Since age 19, I’ve run a mile here and there to stay in shape. Distance running and racing was something I’d always wanted to try. After my divorce was finalized in 2010, at age 45, I ran my first 10-mile race, the Broad Street Run – finishing with a sad, slow time and a happy, enduring grin on my face. I was pack fodder. But I became instantly hooked on improving my time and on running and racing everything from 5Ks to marathons. 

Me, taking a break from running, at the Grand Canyon
Me, taking a break from running, at the Grand Canyon

I now run with the Philadelphia Runner/Puma Track Club, with a cool bunch of younger, speedier ladies (and gents). 

What’s so great about masters running?

Kicking it home at last year's Broad Street Run – one of my favorite races.
Kicking it home at last year’s Broad Street Run – one of my favorite races.

When I’m running, I don’t think about my age or what it means to be 50+. I don’t think about the latest wrinkle, or if it’s “time” to let go of my love of short running shorts. I think about running. More specifically, I think about:

  • The pure joy that comes with moving my body
  • Crushing a workout
  • Nailing a pace
  • Improving my form
  • Being a blissful, tiny speck in the landscape
  • Enjoying sights that I would not otherwise see, like a fox tiptoeing across the road at dusk in the middle of the city, or the baby-blanket skies you only are only rewarded with at sunrise.

When I run with friends, I enjoy chatting with them, listening to their stories, and supporting their goals. 

Masters Racing

Racing is another story. It’s life-affirming in ways that only competitive types can truly understand – to be laser-focused on the present, tuned in to every breath, every heart beat, every runner ahead of you. It doesn’t matter if you’re 25, 55, or 85 – when you are racing, you are in the moment. 

Although I’m thrilled with age-group podium places, “good for my age” doesn’t quite do it for me, just like “good for a girl” doesn’t. I strive to be a better runner, period. 

I love outrunning competitors who are 2 or 3 decades my juniors. This is why you need to know that…

Aging does not automatically slow you down.

That time I won a 5K. 
That time I won a 5K. 

I was a gymnast all through high school and I ran one year of meh middle-distance track (800 meters and 400-meter hurdles) just for fun and to stay in shape for gymnastics season. Yet I’m faster now and in much better overall shape at 51 than I was at 16. Yes, it took hard work and consistency. The point is, if you are willing to put in the time and the miles – and give recovery the gravitas it deserves as a masters runner –you will almost certainly see improvement, whether your goal is to get back into shape, set a personal record (PR), or qualify for Boston (BQ).

My goal is to help you get there, via tips, inspiration, and eventually coaching. Bodies in motion, stay in motion. 

What I do when I’m not running

Besides running, I’m obsessed with plant-based cooking. I’ve written 3 vegan cookbooks. I’m mama to 3 cats: Samba, Diego, and Nero, all former strays. Other eclectic interests include art, traveling, minimalism, animals, nature, collecting indie nail polish, and anything DIY. 

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