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Time for the final StrideBox review of 2017!

StrideBox is a subscription box for runners, filled with the latest useful gadgets, gizmos and snacks. The value usually exceeds the $15 box price so you are getting more than your money’s worth. Each box also comes with a cute motivational sticker (this month’s says “I’m sorry for what I said while I was running!”) plus a recipe and a workout. It’s the perfect gift for the runner or athlete in your life.

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Let’s see what’s in this month’s box…

vega bar

First up, Vega Snack Bar (Dark Chocolate, Mixed Nuts and Sea Salt flavor) –Vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO. This is basically like a candy bar – designed to be eaten before or after your run, though personally, with only 4 grams of protein, I would not consider this an ideal post- exercise snack. It’s made from pronounceable ingredients but is not exactly a nutritional powerhouse.

Gu StroopWafel
Gu StroopWafel

GU Stroopwafels (Gingerade and Hot Chocolate flavors) – Stroopwafels are thin wafer cookies glued together with a caramel filling. These Dutch treats are designed to be eaten with coffee – just place the wafel (pronounced “vah-full”) over your steaming cuppa Joe to warm it. Unfortunately, these are not vegan – they contain organic eggs. They are loaded with carbs so they are perfect pre-run or during your long run, if you can handle solid food. All ingredients are pronounceable.

stroop wafel

Buddy’s Nut Butter (Honey Peanut flavor) – Sweetned PB? What’s not to like? This is a great snack to bring along for after your workout – just knead it and squeeze it onto a cracker or directly into your mouth. Because this flavor is sweetened with honey, this is technically not vegan. Although I do not buy honey, a splash in a packet like this would not prevent me from eating it.


TopBit – This small packet of crunchiness is designed to sprinkle on other foods – like yogurt, oatmeal, ice cream or cereal–  to boost the protein content. This little packet provides 10 grams of vegan protein via hemp, peas, lentils, brown rice, and chia seeds. Blueberries and raspberries add sweetness. It is a great idea.

stridebox cookies

Heritage Pinole Bites – Vegan. Another day, another superfood. Pinole is an Aztec combination grain, made from ground maize that is mixed with spices and other foods, in this case, wheat and chia, a tried-and-true superfood. I enjoyed the subtle flavor and the crunch, but the nutritional profile did not impress me. 100 calories for 4 small biscuits, 0 grams of protein and zero RDA of vitamins A,D, calcium and iron. lt provides you with 15 grams of carbs, but you can get more carbs than this (about 22 grams)  for the same calorie count from a GU gel, and some gels have added vitamin C. I’m not sure of other micronutrients, but they would have to pack a punch for me to buy these.


My Mix 2 Go Snack/Powder Container – This cute little flask comes with its own carabiner. You can fill it with powders to mix with water or with tiny snacks (such as TopBit). Personally, I think it’s a bit cumbersome for running, but I can see this being super useful for cycling, hiking and/or camping. Strangely, the measurements on the bottle are listed in CCs and not ounces.


This value of this month’s Stridebox is $16.76, exceeding the $15 subscription price by $1.76. You are definitely getting more than your money’s worth, and are getting useful stuff.

  • Vega Snack Bar: $2.49
  • GU Stroopwafel x 2:  $2.82
  • Buddy’s Nut Butter: $1.50
  • TopBit: $2.25
  • Heritage Pinole Bites: $0.71
  • My Mix 2Go  Snack/Powder Container: $6.99

Total value: $16.76

Stridebox Coupon Codes

  • VanillaAndZag10 for 10% off gift orders
  • VanillaAndZag5 for $5 off of the first payment for other subscriptions.

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My favorite product in this month’s box is the TopBit– a crunchy and creative protein boost. What is your favorite item?