running Xmas ornament

Since my first 2 weeks of “Prehab Not Rehab” worked out so well, I decided to enjoy an additional week of downtime, despite the fact that I’ve been itching to run more. It’s more natural for a Type A person like me to do more, work harder and run longer than it is for me to rest, recover and do less. But if I’ve learned one thing (the hard way) over the past 7 years, it’s that rest and recovery and necessary. I am in this running thing for the long haul, not just for a season or a year. So I need to do everything I can to avoid getting injured.

Dynise running
Me, happy to be running outside last week, despite 15 MPH winds.

Although I have missed running higher mileage, I have enjoyed having more time to try different classes at the gym that I normally don’t have or make time for, like Barre and Boot Camp. I’ve discovered that they provide an excellent workout and add variety to my typical humdrum weekly strength workouts. In fact, I may try to do more classes in the coming year. Conversely, I really dislike the elliptical and bike, but I know the variety is good for me.

Since the holidays are a busy time, I enjoyed the extra “me” time – which I used to bake cookies, shop for gifts, mail out gifts to clients, etc. Typically, I work out/run 6 days each week, but this week, I took 2 rest days.

Below are last week’s workouts– an easy week, on the whole. I only did one wee bit of speed work– some intervals on Friday, nothing too crazy but just enough to get the muscle memory going:

  • Monday 12/4: Running: Outside, 4.1 recovery miles at 8:25 pace
  • Tuesday 12/5:  Cross-training, gym: 16 minutes, elliptical, 1.97 miles; 9 minutes, bike, 2.2 miles; 1 hour, Boot Camp class – weights, plyos, cardio – so hard!
  • Wednesday 12/6: Running: Outside, 6.01 miles at 8:25 pace,15MPH winds and I was way overdressed
  • Thursday 12/7: Rest day!
  • Friday 12/8: Interval running, treadmill: 2 mile warm up, 4 x .5 mile progression intervals with .25 recovery jog between – 8:19 average pace, intervals were 7:28/7:24/7:12/6:58; rowing: 5 minutes, Barre class- 45 minutes. This was my very first Barre class, and I loved it. It’s a great, runner-friendly strength workout, but I somehow strained an inner thigh muscle when I did a plié! (And I had run 6 miles just before class so I was definitely warmed up). I iced my leg when I got home and nursed it the next day.
  • Saturday 12/9: Running – treadmill, gym, 6 miles at 8:30 pace– I took it super easy because of my muscle pull- and it was totally healed by later in the evening.
  • Sunday 12/10: Rest day!

Total miles: 22.1; Total exercise duration: 5.21 hours

Diego and Samba sleeping
Every day is a rest day for Diego and Samba.

It was ironic that, in my attempt to be prudent and take it easy, I pulled a muscle doing the Barre class. But it just goes to prove how strong and yet fragile our bodies are. Completing different forms of exercise can point out your weaknesses, as I learned.


Fallen Xmas tree
I guess the cats do their workouts when I am away. I came home to this after the gym.

What are your pre-holiday workouts looking like?