October Stridebox Review


 Happy Halloween! It’s October StrideBox review time, and I am squeaking this month’s review in just in time. In case you didn’t know, StrideBox is a subscription box for runners. For $15 a month, you get a sampling of the latest gadgets, gizmos and nutrition for runners. The value almost always exceeds the price, and this month’s box may be an all-time high in terms of bang for your buck. It’s a great way to try out new products. Plus, it’s fun to get a surprise in the mail each month, in between the bills and junk mail. With the holidays coming up, take note […]

Marathons are hard on your body

Marathons are hard on your body

The marathon is one of the holy grails of running, and only 0.5% of the US population can call themselves marathoners. Running 26.2 is a satisfying accomplishment, and countless books, movies and web sites have touted its benefits. While I wholeheartedly agree and relish the challenge, it’s also important to also note that marathons are hard on your body. There’s a reason most elites will only run one marathon a year.  According to the Competitive Runners’ Handbook, one of my favorite running tomes, biopsies done on marathon runners show that muscles can take up to a month to heal. A recent study linked running marathons […]

Kaleidoscopic Utah and thoughts on solo travel


 Arches – pretty but crowded. Besides being a beautiful course, a major reason I wanted to run the St George Marathon was so I could work in some parks before and after. Over the years, I’ve visited many of Utah’s phenomenal vistas, but I still wanted to cross off a few “biggies” from my wish list. The ironic thing about Utah is that you are never done; its crayon-box landscapes and special, secret places leave you hungry for more. Now, I want to return, stay in one area and do some serious, focused hikes. On traveling solo I made this road trip alone […]

Overachievers’ Smoothie Recipe

overachievers smoothie

Recipe: Overachievers’ Rainbow Smoothie (vegan, gluten-free) They say you eat with your eyes first, and pampering myself by making this colorful, nutrient-dense smoothie is better than any spa treatment (recipe follows). It’s huge. I nurse it over a few hours with a spoon, but it’s probably more like 2 or even 3 servings. Warning: This is not low-calorie. As a rule, I try to avoid low-cal foods because they are usually “empty” calories and then if I eat them, I’m hungry again an hour later. This drink is loaded with nutrients. The whole concoction has about 540 calories, 98 g carbs (a lot, but […]

St. George Marathon 2017: Race Recap

St George Marathon 2017

Just back from running the St. George Marathon and some bookend side trips to National Parks (I’ll tell you about those another post.) Heads up: this is going to be a long, picture-heavy post. First, a bit about my impetus for running St. George. I’ve said it many times: I am NOT a marathoner. racing shorter, faster distances (5K-10K) are much easier for me. I had run pretty competitively for my age last year and through this spring, and felt burned out on racing hard. I needed to do a race purely for fun. Just for the joy of running. So I […]