2016 Running Year-End Review
2016 Running Year-End Review
2016 Running Year-End Review

Is it just me, or has 2016 just flown by? I hope it was a great year for you.

We all have good years and bad years. I’m fortunate to say that 2016 has been good to me in terms of my overall health, professional life, personal life, and of course, my running. I’ve had my ups and downs like everyone, but on the whole, I have much to be grateful for.

Here’s a quick recap of my 2016 miles and milestones – the good, the bad and the ugly.

2016: running by the numbers

Miles – 1,856

I have run miles more in past years. I will likely run more in future years. But for 2016, this total was perfect for me given, that I started the year injured and experienced some bumps over the summer. It’s staggering when you think about the actual distance and how far you could have gone had you travelled point to point. To give you some perspective, here are some similar example distances from Philadelphia:

  • Philadelphia to Bluff, Utah, where my dear friends (and next-door neighbors) have a second home  – 1,856 miles
  • Philadelphia to the island of Guadeloupe in the Caribbean – 1,832 miles
  • Philadelphia to Puerto Barrios, Guatemala – 1,862 miles
  • Philadelphia to Bozeman, Montana – 1,846 miles.

I ran 1,865 miles in 2016. That's almost the distance from Philly to Bluff, Utah  I ran 1,865 miles in 2016. That’s almost the distance from Philly to Bluff, Utah

Races – 11

I ran 11 races, or 10.5 more specifically, since I experienced my first DNF during a September half marathon.

My favorite race of 2016: the Global Energy Run. None of the times were correct. (If only!) The course was short & mis-marked.  My favorite race of 2016: the Global Energy Run. None of the times were correct. (If only!) The course was short & mis-marked.

  1. Leprechaun 5-Miler– March PR
  2. Boston Marathon – April
  3. Kennedy Cancer Survivors’ 5K – June
  4. Gary Papa 10K – June
  5. Mayor’s Cup 5-mile Trail Race – August
  6. Global Energy 10K– September
  7. Philly Rock & Roll Half Marathon –  DNF – September
  8. Trenton Half Marathon – October PR
  9. Cooper-Norcross Run the Bridge 10K– November
  10. MMRF 5K – November PR
  11. Rothman Institute 8K – November PR

2016 PRs – 4

Actually, 5 if you count the 10K, which I am not doing here. Oddly, several of the 10Ks I ran this year were either short or badly marked. This is my proudest 2016 achievement.

Different locations I’ve run – 5

I love to run while I’m on vacation or away on business or visiting. Besides Philly, this year, I have run in:

2016: Best and worst

My favorite medal of 2016: The Boston Marathon medal, with its signature unicorn   My favorite medal of 2016: The Boston Marathon medal, with its signature unicorn

  • Hardest race: The Mayor’s Cup, without a doubt. Yes, it was harder than the Boston Marathon or any marathon or road race I’ve ever run. Even though it was only 5 miles, the heat index was 110 and the last part of the race included a 1.63 mile hill.
  • Favorite race: Global Energy Race. I ran this the week after my first DNF. It was a beautiful day, a flat-andfast course, and it felt so good to run energetically, place well, and feel healthy. A good day.
  • Best running moment (tie) Running into Shanae at the Boston Marathon finish line. Finishing the Mayor’s Cup 5-Miler during a 100-degree heat index, and knowing I had survived – and had done well.
  • Worst running moment: My first DNF during the Philly Rock and Roll Half Marathon. Painful, but I learned more from that DNF than I learned from all my PRs and good races combined.
  • Highlights: Finally seeing 6:XXs in my races and speed workouts. Getting my USATF Level 1 Running Coach certification. Starting this running blog– which is turning out to be a fun outlet for me and a way to connect with other runners. Deciding to work with a bona-fide coach. Becoming a member of the Philadelphia Runner Track Club
  • Lowlights: Starting out 2016 in physical therapy after injuring my iliosacral joint after completing the NYC Marathon and returning to running too quickly. Spraining my toe surfing (surfing was a highlight, the sprain, a lowlight). My nagging gastrocnemius injury and being overtrained. Finishing off 2016 with a sinus infection (for which I am currently taking antibiotics).
  • Favorite piece of hardware: My Boston Marathon medal. Any medal with a unicorn is a good medal, in my book
  • Favorite race swag:  Global Energy Race.

Happy New Year, friends. I wish you all health, happiness and fast times in 2017!

What were your running highlights of 2016?