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Overachievers’ Smoothie Recipe

Recipe: Overachievers’ Rainbow Smoothie (vegan, gluten-free) They say you eat with your eyes first, and pampering myself by making this colorful, nutrient-dense smoothie is better than any spa treatment (recipe follows). It’s huge. I nurse it over a few hours with...
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How to make kombucha plus Story of My Tea review

Kombucha. It's the not-so-new-new thing, an expensive, fermented tea that includes healthy bacteria to keep your microbiome in tip-top shape. It's trendy now, but many of us old-school veg-heads and crunched out types have been making our own 'booch (as we call...
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rest day: gluten-free crêpe recipe (vegan)

After returning from Paris, I felt a bit of reverse culture shock when resuming the fast pace and daily grind of East Coast American life. Of course, I was thrilled to see my 3 little furballs. Plus, it's always nice to...
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How to make a Buddha Bowl – the ultimate runner recipe

A protein. A grain. A veggie. A sauce. A tablespoon or two culinary bling. This is the humble Buddha Bowl. Buddha Bowls, or Dragon Bowls, are the ultimate, delicious no-brainer meal, and they’re perfect for busy, health-conscious runners. I make them at...
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